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The Sandbox Game Maker Alpha - Islands in the Sky by Thibault Simar
The Sandbox - Blockchain Gaming Platform Teaser Trailer



  • MAC
  • Windows



Privatekey Control

You own the Keys


  • De-and Centralized Parts
  • Not 100% accessible without the website/app
  • Not playable without (E-Mail) Account


Game Type
  • Building
  • Virtual World
Code Level
High level unity like game


All Assets are NFTs

Asset Types

Asset Types
  • Game Assets
  • Virtual World Items


  • Asset cost: Varies
  • Entry cost: None
  • Fees: None
  • Price-performance: Good

Play in the Metaverse

The Sandbox Metaverse is to become the largest user-generated content game platform, offering a myriad of player-made gaming experiences. Games will be made by anyone, for everyone to have fun with!

Create and co-build

To create games, you can use thousands of voxel models made by the community on VoxEdit. Assemble them, create your own universe, invent stories ... and dive in with your friends!
Comes along with a voxel editor to create your own assets.

Get social!

Immerse yourself into the most social & multiplayer experience you will ever have! Cobuild, govern, chat and play with your friends. Invite anyone to play in your world!


Free-to-play is so 2010… With The Sandbox, you will be able to monetize the games you create! Play-to-Earn is unlocked through our rewarding model for players and creators, who will have strong incentives to play and create with rewards that have real-world value.

How to earn in The Sandbox?
  • Play GAMES, earn rewards
  • Build GAMES, monetize them
  • Create ASSETS, market themour ERC-20 token : SAND

Smart-Contract usage

Code Repository
The Sandbox Smart contracts and GITHUB sources

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3.0  (1)
Sandbox Review
(Updated: November 29, 2020)
A very promising, massive game, being developed over many years. Basically Minecraft on Blockchain.
Download and begin. Simple to start.
Although you need an Account you can start off without throwing any money into the game. That's also because the game itself is a separate module, it's not tied to the blockchain and therefore needs any transaction or smart-contract fees or anything to start with.
It's possible to build any asset yourself as well or get what you need from the marketplace.

So you can start, creating a world, where you have got a massive amount of things to build as default.
There is a bunch of Templates/Worlds you can just pick and start off with nice pre-builds with complete game logic built into them.
You can therefore build real little gameworld RPGs just like in Minecraft. So actually a full-fledged Game Builder.
This review is made as the game is still in the Alpha stage, so it's not yet complete and has a lot of issues.
A Multiplayer Part exists, but it's really not a final version of the game.
The World you build is not actually very big after all compared to something like Minecraft.

It's really nice, and a good project, but in a very early stage, so it's hard to predict what is going to become of this. Overall for the first tests; If you are into Minecraft type of games, this is probably for you. Except that it's just years behind that.
You can find the smart contracts used on their GITHUB.
As far as for the moment it's a more or less typical, "game and land asset marketplace game".

Also, this separates into two parts, the game, a centralized component where all the logic and display happens, and assets that are stored on-chain. I don't see that any logic or anything happens on-chain besides the asset management.
So when a company goes down, these assets are useless without the game-engine. Unlike something like crypto kitties, where the logic is fully on-chain. But of course, games at this level can not do that.

I like the concept and this will probably find its users, even though I can not really see what the full gameplay will be in the end. If you want a full game like this, you're probably better off playing Minecraft..
But if your intention is to earn some crypto any you like these marketplaces like games, and think every asset should be on the blockchain, then this is probably an uprising game in the next years for you.
Plus point I give is that you can play and build without the need for massive investments before you can do so. But we will see how this evolves over time.

Overall short: A Minecraft Sandbox Game that's assets are "yours" and freely tradable, while it's mostly the overall use case of blockchain technology here. And compared to other games it's really going to be huge, from the perspective of what you can build.
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