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LiteBringer Review - True Blockchain Game?
(Updated: September 27, 2020)
This is made by a company with a good reputation.

First off, when installing you already see the important things like:
§ 2 Fees
(1) For the access to the Game, you have to pay a subscription fee to CipSoft. The amount will be shown in the client software.

Of course, things cost in-game, it's the blockchain, we got fees and gas and all those things, but additionally to that full subscription-based service is the next level.

Let's see how far we get...
The character "creation" is actually just "select a character". While you can not proceed here, because you need to fill up your litecoins first. So we have half a Litecoin laying around worth 24 Bucks right now and throw that in.
Now we can do quests, or what I expected from a blockchain game nowadays, open the market where everyone and everything can be bought and sold. Seems to be a very complex set of items, lots of elements, types, qualities, classes, and so on. After a test buy, good that you can purchase whole sets of items, let's move to a campaign. While it takes some time for the transaction to settle though before can put on my new gear. Transactions are transparent, and everything is viewable in-game.
Since the game is in beta, I experience issues, like my lites amount, just disappeared, and the purchase takes forever to show up in the inventory.

Sending your character on a quest requires a subscription for 30 days, that's added to the quest fee. As I was already wondering what that subscription fee was about mentioned in the TOS.
Overall I'm glad to see that we have some non-greedy approach here. Overall that quest costs me 2 lites, and that is like 10 cents. Lites are at a rate of 1:1000. Great, finally some devs that don't fall for the "extreme greed approach" on the blockchain. At least that's at the beginning, we don't know what there is to come.... But that deserves a star.

Nothing really happens, but somehow the quest is "booked" because I can't choose another one... Just stays on "preparing for the quest".
So you got to probably create or buy your next characters to move on or wait for I don't know how long...
The new Character just jumps into the ongoing quest somehow...

Now the new character on a quest already bought with the other subscription does not work, you have to get a new subscription. So those are per character each.

Conclusion so far:
The typical "blockchain" game we have nowadays, actually a market for looting, buying, collecting and selling in-game stuff.
I don't see any cool gameplay. Could also put his in the category mobile game as well. Just "send on quest", where actually you just wait some time and then get loot, there is nothing really you do, just wait till it says done.
Overall another money-making scheme wrapped in a game-shell titled "blockchain". Nothing new, seen this hundreds of times, and think it's a waste of time. At least the prices are not off-limits here. For those who like this massive collecting, looting, and selling thing, yeah, maybe this one will make you rich.

I don't see how this is supposed to work on a technical side. Do I own items? Are they stored on the chain? Is the chain actually used for anything except for transactions? I don't think so, It all works with the game build itself, not without it on the blockchain. Looks like as far as "true blockchain" usage goes in this case, is just using it as a payment system, nothing else.
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