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Mega Crypto Polis Review / Impression
(Updated: June 14, 2020)
Nice that this is available on multiple chains. The first thing I tend to do is look at the shop, the shiny stuff they try to throw at you, and how the price structure is built up. Yet I don't know if I need any of those "packages" but like expected the pricing is just horrible, that's why this review can not achieve any good score, only if there was something in the game that would justify this. Most are sold out, and the last cheapest one just costs about 500 Bucks,.....(!)
Basically it's a sim city / Anno type game. You may earn crypto from it, but who knows if you can really benefit from that before emptying your pockets. You can't do anything before throwing in money, so I'm not interested further in this anyway, and who knows how much you gotta throw in before you can actually play a good amount. It's like pay to play and everybody likes to throw in money because it says blockchain on it. As a cheap alternative get Anno, pay little, and play long. So this is just a first impression, nothing more.
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