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(Updated: June 16, 2020)
This is not a DAPP, its highly centralized, but it's just in the early stage. It's fun, and you can start and have a look around without any investment. It's truly going to be some gigantic blockchain monopoly game. Sadly again like in most of today's games, if you want to invest some real money, why are the prices so high? It's pretty a standard scheme like in "normal" games where things like a "chest full of 100 diamonds" that can "bypass" you're waiting for something come up with similar pricing policy but I consider this rather greedy and stupid.
They take it to a new level. The biggest package is 10000 Dollars. (!) And we got some event going on, with it you get a special avatar, but at least throw in 400 Dollars. Stupid.
And the worst is that the currency UPX you get you do not own and it will never be a real (usable) token for you outside the game. It's only held by the company, that's why there is actually no need for a crypto token here anyway.
There is also no need for any blockchain here at all. You do not own anything. Not the token, nor your account, not even the properties you buy, nothing. And if you read their policy that states they can close your account for NO reason, and then you have nothing at all... That's not blockchain..... You're not even allowed to create lists, or databases of players or properties, you will get closed down. In a game where there will be 100k's of properties. How ridiculous is that?

After playing this for some time, and I really thought it was cool in the beginning, you realize there is not really much you can do but buy properties. Yes, you can sell, but what normal person will buy it from you overpriced when you can just get a free new one. (But people actually do buy from you..(?)). And there is going to be a stupendous amount of properties available, so just get a new one. You will just have to buy and buy... But wait, you make UPX from your properties. Yes, but the ROI is I think 69 months, and no matter what property, they are all exactly the same. So it takes 6 years to get back your investment. (Only the virtual currency, nothing with real value though). This makes it hard to get enough money to buy more properties because you just don't get any return, so again, you will just have to throw in more money.
The only special thing is the real location or the number like "nr. 1". The big players buy up all that stuff real quick and try to sell it for (really really stupid) massive amounts of UPX.

The default events are week. (Besides that it's all so laggy and hard to even navigate nicely) Treasure hunting is made for the ones that have hundreds or already above 1k properties, the smaller players just hardly have any chance to find a treasure. And other events are like who owns the most properties there, those translate to: buy more, throw in more money.
It's all a psychological trick that triggers people to think: oh this property is cool, and this one, oh I need this and that, the real FOMO, but not realizing there is no return or any real benefit. 
This would all be perfectly fine, that how some games work, but the tremendous greed and ridicules pricing that's on this highly centralized game puts it to shame. It does not deserve a DAPP or blockchain badge.

Nevertheless, that's all up to you here, you are not forced to do anything like that, and can play straight away and get your first property free anyway. But you will then want to play and do something, and mostly the only thing to do is invest money, a lot of money to somehow get going...
This was a great idea that is just a huge greedy fail with a blockchain badge to it.
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