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Axie Infinity

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axie infinity
Axie Infinity
Axie Infinity
Axie Infinity
Axie Infinity



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Axie Infinity

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4.0  (1)
Axie Infinity Review
(Updated: December 13, 2020)
Most hyped game at the moment.
This is crypto kitties on steroids. And as its base similar. You have to invest and buy axies to begin with, they are the fundamentals of the game represented as an NFT Token.
The concept of breeding is taken from its ancestor but additionally filled with a lot of new parts like abilities, types, and different body parts. Very interesting.

At least it stays moderate to buy your first axies, with at the moment a 50 Bucks would do to get you started. If you do not want to start with the super axies..... That's a different story...
On the marketplace, you can always see the users trying to sell their stuff for hundreds of thousands of dollars. But I guess that's just normal, as there are always those guys. (Wonder what actually goes on in their heads?....)
The game is dominated by Buying, trading, presale boxes and things like that. For often horrible pricing structures. So the "even worse than mobile" tag is justified here. Some chests are a whopping 500 dollars...  just for some gimmicks on your land. This is where the game lost most of its rating score, it's just another greedy stupid pay to play scheme. 
And if your not willing to pay hundreds of dollars, the land you can play on, you will just never get... Stupid concept. So a lot of people are locked out of being able to play, because it's all stupidly expensive, for just some little gameplay. 

Wanna buy land? Here we already see the typical "crypto game asset market" come in to play. You will at least get rid of a couple of hundreds of dollars here. Pathetic.
So basically we can already see that this is your typical NFT marketplace type of game in its base nature.

You can not start the download without an additional account that requires your E-Mail.

The logic and parts, abilities of the axies are really complex and thought out very well.
Breeding is in a way complex that what you actually mix depends on a lot of factors for a good outcome. Besides being able to do that, it requires "love potions" to breed. They are represented by a utility token and can be earned in-game battles or bought on the market.

Technically the game itself seems kind of detached from your wallet/blockchain. So it's logic and controls are fully intransparent and centralized. Leading to the fact that when the company goes down, the assets are pretty useless without the game engine.
The next trick comes when you want to even start playing. You can't unless you have at least 3 axies. So a lot of spending before you even get to the fun, right?
I see the game as the typical mobile game, trying to keep you hooked with daily quests and stuff like that without really any meaning. It's just using tokens as far as the blockchain concept goes.
The Battle is in one case, actually a card game like a battle, where you, turn-based just choose what the attacks, etc will be for the round, a typical card game mechanism. This is where you get your potions etc. Nice though.

Just remember that anything being done does not require or use any blockchain, it's just a centralized game engine, that controllers everything, and only the won assets and stats are transferred to your account/assets. Well they are not added directly, you have to sync things like potions, and that requires an additional gas cost to get them to your account.

The land part of the game is not ready yet, so we will see what this is going to add to the game.
The basics of the game are investing, buying, breeding, and selling Axis with a bad pricing policy. I can't understand the hype and the people promoting this so hard. The NFT concept is nice, but the gameplay as a game is a week card game like an unrewarding waste of time. 

So overall, this consists of like 2 parts. A game and a blockchain NFT part. Where I'm not into such types of games and the NFT part is just like most other games of this genre. It's very time consuming and repetitive compared to the reward you get. And filled with "mobile game" mechanics to get you to want more, but preventing you to do so without some kind of spending. Like the system that you need energy, but and get more, if you have more axies. Clever. Also earning the potions you need is so bad compared to the time you need. So you will have to buy of course, expensive, but compared to the waste of time you would have, better.

A lot of streamers, really take the play to earn serious, but besides the flipping of items your not going to get any good returns by playing the game. You will spend massive amounts of time to get a very little return that can make you money, so that's not a real option sadly. Help your neighbor carry his bags upstairs to his flat, the 5 Bucks you get is a thousand times more than what you would put into the gameplay to earn something. 
Also, a little issue may be that the langer the game lives, a huge amount of everything will be available, there will be hundreds of thousands of axies and items for sale, which actually runis a lot of the uniqueness as they are just mass ware besides the really rare unique ones.

To sum it up, basically, besides the land, its a card game when you play it, the abilities are the gameplay. So if you like those kinds of card games, you are gonna like it.

But if you're into this kind of game, it's probably a lot of fun and has the additional blockchain options to it. So, a decent fun game, but why the stupid pricing for the blockchain part? But nevertheless, it's a solid, very diverse game with lots of aspects and options. One of the better ones.

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