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Lacks application in the industry
Litecoin as the name suggests is simple coin that made its mark in the industry pretty quickly. As far as the investment point of view is concerned, many investors cashed out of this coin when it reached its all-time high in $330s. It wasn’t until soon that the “cryptocurrency recession” hit the market and like many of the giants, litecoin too lost its potential and came down boiling to $200. 

It is indeed commendable to quote here that while the rest of the coins were fallen to dust, litecoin held onto its value for a pretty long time as compared to other coins but eventually fell down on its knees. Although the coin is good for investment purposes, it still stops short when it comes to application. I tried using it for multiple transactions online but most of the times; it was not supported by the said company where I had to make the payments. Therefore it can be rightfully said that the coin indeed is a credible one but still lacks the broad support and application unlike the other coins in the cryptomarket. 

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