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What a scam!
Back in time- maybe almost half an year ago- made an investment in iota since it was claiming to go big with it's partnership with Microsoft. Like many other investors, I put massive money in but turned out it was all a scam! you may ask how? 
Here's how the company lured investors to put money in and then plummeted down to ashes. The developers claimed to have partnered with some huge tech companies and spread the rumors that Microsoft is going to partner with the company. This news broke like a wildfire and everyone started diverting their invests as well as interest in the iota instead of bitcoin, ethereum etc. The value of the coin reached as high as $5- all to come down to $0.2 as of today when it was revealed that the company made false and misleading claims regarding its partnership with microsoft.
This is certainly not the way to go big in this volatile yet competitive cryptocurrency industry.
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