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Best of NEO is yet to come
I have come across different digital currencies. I can confidently say that NEO has a special place among its contemporaries. 

It is a unique coin with some attractive attributes. It is impressive that it can be used for smart contracts development. This is in addition to its effectiveness in developing digital assets too. 

The primary objective of this coin is to make digital asset management a lot easier through automation. Of course, it is achieving this objective through smart contracts. 

One of the current technologies that always sweep me off my feet is smart contracts. Its application in different areas of life makes it an innovation that may last a long time. NEO’s use for the development of this technology always endears the awesome digital currency to me. 

If you are familiar with Java or C#, the platform allows you to start developing smart contracts without restrictions. That’s how simple and powerful this digital coin is.

Of course, there is room for improvement. Currently, it is not as popular and widely accepted as Ethereum, another coin that supports smart contracts development. I strongly believe the developers are working towards making it a worthy competitor to its more successful cryptocurrency otherwise known as Ether. 

As a powerful cryptocurrency adopted for digital assets, it enables users to purchase or sell a wide range of assets. You can also exchange or record such asset transaction via the NEO platform too. Above all, it makes assets protection a lot easier than previously thought. 

I believe the world is yet to see the best of NEO cryptocurrency. 
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