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Good use case
I like the coin, not technology wise as it was just an ERC20, but now on their own chain. No, because it serves a good use case. Binance just does a lot right, even if people don't like them, their exchange is just one of the best. And they know how to run a business and make use of things. As for BNB, a great way to use the tech for their needs. And what I like the most is that the coin starts to move individually not tied to Bitcoin all that much, because its in its own environment. 

That's great, and what is missing in the space, tokens that are not bound to Bitcoin and do not respond all the same to the market. As for now, there is only one market, and if goes up 10%, everything follows up 10%. That must change in the future, else there is no individual market/tokens. That's why I like the moves BNB has made sometimes according to its value.

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